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PELIMINARY AGENDA* (11-12 November 2019)

Session 1: EU Regulatory Issues / Priorilies / Changes 
Regulators from countries such as Cyprus, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel and Dubai will discuss the latest regulatory issues, their priorities, any changes they anticipate and what they expect from the future.

Session 2: Funds Distribution
Topics to be analyzed:
• Trends in global funds distribution
• Searching for new distribution channels
• Upcoming cross boarder EU Fund Distribution Directive
• Special Focus on India, China, Japan, USA, Southeast Asia

Session 3: Asset Management – Investment Policy
Topics to be analyzed:
• Investing – Asset Management and Asset Allocation – The next decade
• Millennial Investors
• Asset allocation
• Asset management
• Sustainable / ethical investing
• Fees – management fees

Session 4: Fintech & Technology
• Blockchain
• AI
• The future of technology in asset management

Session 5: The Global and European Investment Management Industry
• The funds industry
• Latest developments
• Special characteristics

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