Cyprus Investment Funds Association

The Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA) represents the face and voice of the Cyprus asset management and investment fund community. Founded in 2013, CIFA currently counts over 380 members and represents fund managers, depositaries, administrators, professional advisory firms and other specialist firms involved in the fund services industry in Cyprus. CIFA’s Board of Directors is comprised of high caliber industry professionals who come from all areas of the funds industry and are well-placed to support and complement the continued development of the industry. CIFA’s mission revolves around assisting its members capitalize on industry trends, shaping the development of the regulatory and legislative framework, enhancing professionalism, integrity and quality, and promoting Cyprus as a leading funds jurisdiction.


Invest Cyprus

Invest Cyprus (Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency) is the investment promotion agency of the Government of Cyprus, dedicated to attract and facilitate foreign direct investment into the country. In close collaboration with all governmental authorities and public institutions, as well as the private sector and international experts, Invest Cyprus is the country’s lead agent in establishing Cyprus as a world class investment destination. Invest Cyprus’ mandate, is to raise awareness of Cyprus as a location for FDI across the globe, providing certainty around all aspects of operating a business in Cyprus and supporting potential investors in developing their business case for investment into the country.




IMH is the largest business knowledge and information transfer organisation in Cyprus. Its services include the coordination and running of conferences, seminars and commercial exhibitions, specialist business media publishing and human resources consulting. Every year, IMH organises more than 110 conferences related to every sector of the market, commercial exhibitions and training seminars, and undertakes the entire process of five business award ceremonies. IMH publishes the only dedicated business magazines in Cyprus: the Greek language monthly IN Business and the English-language monthly Gold, which are read by tens of thousands of Cypriot and non-Cypriot professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. It also operates the magazines’ accompanying news portals, the IN Business Portal (, the GOLD Portal ( and the REPORTER ( ΙΜΗ also delivers via e-mail the IN Business Daily Newsletter, the GOLD News Daily Newsletter and the REPORTER Newsletter. The IMH Business Development Department bids for tenders published by local public sector bodies, the European Union and other international organisations. Through its activities, ΙΜΗ gives businesses a chance to develop, to network, to find new clients and business associates, to communicate with new audiences and discover growth opportunities. 



ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. We’re a thriving global community of 233,000 members and 536,000 future members based in 178 countries and regions that upholds the highest professional and ethical values. We believe that accountancy is a cornerstone profession of society that supports both public and private sectors. That’s why we’re committed to the development of a strong global accountancy profession and the many benefits that this brings to society and individuals. Since 1904 being a force for public good has been embedded in our purpose. And because we’re a not-for-profit organisation, we build a sustainable global profession by re-investing our surplus to deliver member value and develop the profession for the next generation. Find out more about us at


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ACFE - Cyprus Chapter

Being one of the 217 chapters of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the Cyprus Chapter of the ACFE is an anti-fraud organization that serves professionals, students and communities in Cyprus. The objective of the Cyprus Chapter of ACFE is to promote improved fraud detection and deterrence. This is achieved through enhancement of knowledge, promotion of networking opportunities and support for its members and the business, academic and government community


Cyprus Integrity Forum

The Cyprus Integrity Forum (CIF) was established in 2010, and is today the leading institution in Cyprus for the fight against corruption and promotion of transparency. It is an independent, non-governmental, non-politically partisan and non-profit organization. CIF collaborates with various organizations in Cyprus, in Europe and in the USA to effectively raise public awareness in all layers of society for combating corruption in our everyday lives, enhance the content and quality of public and corporate governance in all forms of business and ensure that the State and all Governmental Bodies act and behave in a manner that promotes transparency and ethics in all respects.


Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus 

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) is the relevant authority for the accountancy profession in Cyprus. Established in 1961, ICPAC currently has more than 5.300 professional accountants as members and another 3,500 students and graduates. Its principal objectives include the provision of an organisational framework for all professional accountants, the support and the promotion of the activities and interests of the accountancy profession, safeguarding the reputation of the profession and adherence to the Code of Ethics by all its members, as well as the continuous professional development and updating of members on issues relevant to accounting, auditing and other business matters. In addition, ICPAC has been delegated the task to regulate the audit profession and is also a competent authority under the Anti-Money Laundering laws, the Laws on the regulation of enterprises providing administrative services and the Insolvency Practitioners Law. ICPAC is a key stakeholder in the economy of the country, playing a vital role to establish and maintain Cyprus as a prominent international business centre of good repute. It provides assistance to the Government and its departments, participates in the parliamentary consultation, as well as cooperates harmoniously with other bodies of the private sector. Furthermore, ICPAC is active outside the boundaries of Cyprus via a network of international accountancy and other professional bodies.


Cyprus Institute of Internal Auditors

The Cyprus Institute of Internal Auditors was first established in 10 November 1998 and it’s a non – profit organization. The purpose of the Institute is the promotion and recognition of the Internal Auditors profession in Cyprus, the enrichment of knowledge and abilities of its members through the exchange of ideas, information and experience and the offer of education and seminars in respect of the Internal Audit. The Institute is full and equal member of the Global Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA Global) and full and equal member of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors (ECIIA)