Antonis Anastasiou web

Managing Director - Head of AIFM, Alter Domus Management Company S.A

Antonis Anastasiou is the Managing Director of the Alter Domus Management Company S.A and Head of AIFM. Antonis joined Alter Domus in February 2018 and he is the Managing Director of the Alter Domus Management Company. In this role Antonis has the responsibility of the day-to-day management. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the Super Manco field where he previously held various operational and portfolio management positions focusing on alternative asset classes as well as listed investments and he has been instrumental in the set-up of 3 Super ManCos in Luxembourg. Antonis is an experienced Technical Specialist in structuring complex alternative vehicles, with 10 years Portfolio Management experience with a focus on top-tier Asset Managers within the space of PERE/Infrastructure/Debt as well as tailored, specialized and exotic asset classes. Antonis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of London. He was also awarded a Master’s Degree from the CASS Business School in London.

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