Event Structure 

Sunday 29 October 2017 (Day 1)
09:00-19:30 Delegates Arrival
19:30-21:30 Welcome cocktail for all delegates

Monday 30 October 2017 (Day 2)
09:00-09:30 Registration & Coffee
09:30-09:40 Introduction by the Summit Chairperson
09:40-10:00 Official Welcome Addresses
10:00-10:40 Keynote Presentations
10:40-11:50 Session I: Presentations and Q&A
11:50-12:20 Networking Coffee Break
12:20-13:45 Session II: Presentations and Q&A
13:45-14:35 Networking Lunch
14:35-16:25 Session III: Presentations and Q&A
16:25-16:50 Networking Coffee Break
16:50-17:40 Session IV: Presentations and Q&A
17:40-18:00 Closing Remarks – End of Day 1
19:30-22:30 Gourmet Cypriot Cuisine in Town (International     Delegates)

Tuesday 31 October 2017 (Day 3)
08:30-09:00 Registration & Coffee
09:00-09:05 Introduction by the Summit Chairperson
09:05-09:25 Session V: Presentations and Q&A
09:25-10:35 Session VI: Presentations and Q&A
10:35-11:15 Networking Coffee Break
11:15-12:55 Session VII: Presentations and Q&A
12:55-13:10 Closing Remarks
13:10 Networking Lunch – End of Summit

Programme* (30-31 October 2017)

(1st Announcement)

Welcome Address
Angelos M. Gregoriades, President, Cyprus Investment Funds Association

Keynote Address
The State of the Cyprus Economy
Harris Georgiades, Minister of Finance, Republic of Cyprus


Session I: Regulatory Developments in Europe
Panel Discussion: Regulatory Developments in Europe
The panel discussion will review the main regulator y framework surrounding the fund industry. The European
investment management industry will be examined and all legal and regulatory developments impacting the local
and the European fund industry will be evaluated by EFAMA, Cyprus, Luxembourg, UK and Germany.

Agathi Pafili, Senior Regulatory Policy Advisor, EFAMA, Belgium
Demetra Kalogerou, Chairwoman, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Cyprus
Jean-Marc Goy, Counsel for International Affairs, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Luxembourg
Jonathan Lipkin, Director of Policy, Strategy & Research, The Investment Association, UK
Dr. Hilger von Livonius, Partner, K&L Gates, Germany
Stéphane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Development, AXA Investment Managers, France


The evolving regulatory landscape for asset management and funds – succeeding in an uncertain landscape
Around the globe, the industry is implementing new rules and more changes loom on the horizon. The industry’s
business model is being challenged and the distribution landscape is shifting, not least because of this generation’s
game changer – Brexit.

Julie Patterson, Director, Asset Management, Regulatory Change, KPMG, UK


Session II: Regulation / Compliance / Fund Administration Issues
Session Coordinator: Andreas Yiasemides, Partner Head of Fund Services, PwC

MiIFD II and the operational implementation challenges for a global third country buy side firm
MiFID II is one of the most prominent European regulations. It affects sell and buy side firms in Europe as well as in third countries and has significantly sparked equivalence discussions. UBS, as a Switzerland based global bank, implements MiFID II for its subsidiaries in the EEA, but faces several challenges as a third country firm in its home domicile. Geographic and Divisional segregation becomes increasingly difficult.

Beate Born, Global MiFID II Project Lead, UBS Wealth Management, Switzerland

MiFID II – Impact on Investment Funds: Research Unbundling
MiFID II/MiFIR significantly increase the scope of MiFID 1 on investment funds affecting firms in many new ways, from reporting, best execution, transparency, and product governance. One of the most high-profile changes is the inducements regime which will bar in-scope funds from accepting research free of charge. This presentation will outline some of the challenges for investment funds from implementing MiFID and will provide a focused case-study on how funds are adapting to an unbundled research environment.

Patrik Karlsson, Director, Market Practice and Regulatory Policy, International Capital Markets Association, UK

AML/KYC and Fund Distribution Chains
The presentation will review the various regulatory texts and the latest guidelines governing the AML/KYC process of the fund distribution. It will focus on various market practices in different geographies as well as their latest developments and highlight the similarities and differences with other securities custody chains.

Bernard Tancré, Head of Business Solutions, Investment Fund Services, Clearstream, Luxembourg


Session III: Financial Technology: How FINTECH is Changing the Funds Industry

How Financial Technology is changing the Funds Industry
Financial Technology (FinTech) is shaking the foundations of the traditional fund industry and is proving to be a game-changer, transforming financial activities. The session will address key aspects of the application of FinTech in the Funds Industry by exploring how technology can be used in compliance and reporting to enhance performance. It will also discuss how FinTech applies to traditional asset allocation and provide information on key data security considerations.

Jérôme de Lavenère Lussan, CEO, Laven Partners, UK

Changing Custody Landscape Under T2S, DLT and Other Developments
The evolution of Europe’s securities services market is influenced by various private and public initiatives e.g. TARGET2-Securities, Fintech developments such a Distributed Ledger Technology. The session will give an overview of this could impact custodian services in future.

Swen Werner, Managing Director of Product and Innovation, Cash and Custody, State Street Corporation, United Kingdom


Session IV: Fundraising, Asset Management and Asset Allocation Megatrends : Today and Tomorrow’s Target Markets
Trends in the Asset Management Industry
The presentation will discuss forecasts for how the Asset Management Industry will evolve over the next 5 to 10 years. It will include the passive versus active debate, growth in different asset classes, growth in various client categories, long term allocation to emerging markets, less liquid asset classes such as real estate and private equity and the challenges facing the industry including the outlook for fees and revenues .

Robert Parker, Senior Adviser, International Capital Markets Association & Asset Management, UK

AIF Parallel Fund Structuring
It is a trend that we observe of large managers (mainly US), who create an EU fund in addition to a main (often Cayman) fund. The two funds then co-invest in the same assets.

Jérôme Wigny, Partner, Elvinger Hoss Prussen, Luxembourg

Operational Strategy
The presentation will include topics on the value of operational strategy, risk management, legal and regulatory compliance for operational efficiency and investor due diligence.

George Chamberlain, COO, CDAM (UK) Ltd, UK

In House Legal Counsel and their Role in Supporting New Product Development Activities within an Asset Manager

Ada Harte, Deputy General Counsel, Natixis Global Asset Management, UK

The Evolution of Passive Investing
Richard Marshall, Fund Solutions, FundRock Management Company S.A, UK


Session V: Bridging the gap between Europe, Africa, and Asia
Developments and Regional Opportunities discussed with Indian, African, Russian, and Chinese Fund Representatives

Session VI: Learning From Europe’s Leading Award-Winning Pension Funds

Getting the Fundamental Investment Approach Right to Deliver Above-Market Results Case Study Caja Ingenieros

Javier Castro Arriaza, Equity Fund Manager, Grupo Caja de Ingenieros, Spain

Strategic Asset Allocation. Case Study Swedbank Pension Plan Dinamika

Juris Rumba, Funds Manager, Swedbank Investment Management, Latvia

Fast growing hybrid scheme in a turbulent investment environment. Case Study Frjalsi Pension Fund

Margret Sveinsdottir, Managing Director Asset Management, Arion Bank, Iceland



*The agenda is updated frequently.